Helping Children To Be Musicians


We live in a world in need of a universal language. Music is the best way of reaching across language barriers that divide us from each other. Like any language, music can be learned and understood only in the context of a culture. Our mission is to help children, adults and music educators discover, learn and teach music through the world's global culture and local national musical traditions.


The focus of our organization is on children. It is very important to introduce children to music early in their life – to open their hearts and souls to music as well as to improve their mental abilities, memory and coordination. But it is just as important to maintain their interest in music. Many young musicians quit their music education due to a lack of encouragement, performing opportunities, interesting musical activities, access to instruments and teaching materials. We, as an association of music educators and musicians, want to address these issues by:

  • Organizing international festivals, competitions and workshops to exchange ideas and best practices in music education throughout the world
  • Developing teaching materials that incorporate local music traditions

  • Providing underprivileged young musicians locally and around the world with instruments and teaching materials
  • Creating teaching materials including children's musicals, books and sheet music, to promote an idea of music as a part of a global culture
  • Organizing educational music tours
  • Providing access to music education for aspiring young musicians
  • Organizing various music events to promote interest in careers in music and music education
If you share our ideas and goals and want to support our mission as a member of our Advisory Board, sponsor or volunteer please contact us .

Festival's Board of Directors decided to postpone the next competition until June 2013. An announcement regarding 2013 competition will be published online in September 2012. To promote music education, encourage and support young musicians A-Muse the World announces 4th Young Promise Competition and Festival (June 2012). Submission of the applications will be opened after January 1st, 2012.
Festival in Retrospect

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